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Updating Null's Royale to Season 40 (3.2872.3)

Updating Null’s Royale to Season 40 (3.2872.3)

Null’s Royale at version 3.2872.3 has been updated on the server side and added new icons, banners and more.

The server has received a long-awaited update and banners can now be obtained not only for crystals, but also those that are sold in the store in the normal royale. To buy them you need to go to the store and buy the action for 1250 crystals, after which all the banners will be added to your account.

Hidden banners - Nulls Royale

What’s changed:

  • Added new banners of Season 40 in Banner Box
  • Added new shop offer with all “Hidden banners” (banners that were available in the shop only)
  • Deployed latest balance changes
  • Added game mode award badges (2v2, double elixir, etc…)
  • Fixed clan join requests weren’t updated after accepting / declining


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