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Premium Account on the Null’s Royale Server

Null’s Royale private server is completely free. It has premium features as new cards and game modes. Premium account is purchased separately, for this you shall write to us through the feedback form.

What should you know?

Advantages of the Premium Account on the Null’s Royale Server

After activating the premium account, the following features will become available:

  • 2 x 2 game mode;
  • Custom cards that we made ourselves or found in the depths of the original game (read more about custom maps);
  • Game modes:
    Additional challenges on the server

    • PvE-challenge: Rocket Hogs!
    • PvE-challenge: Red Carpet!
    • PvE-challenge: Floater!
    • Draft-challenge
  • You will have access to the /unlock command – with it, you can unlock all cards;
  • The /full command will be available to you – with it, you can upgrade all cards to the maximum level;
    New cards on the Null's Royale server
  • You will get more trophies for each victory;
  • At the very beginning of the season when activating the premium account, you will receive 600 additional trophies;

In any case, you can play on the server absolutely for free. We also came up with a way to get the premium account for free. For this, you should perform simple tasks, and we will give you a code.

We are constantly improving our server, while having time to develop new cards. They are completely individual and you will never see them in the common Clash Royale. Therefore, for a small fee, we offer you a completely new experience in the Royale world!