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How to Use Premium Code

How to Use Premium Code on the Null’s Royale Server?

Code activation:

  • After receiving the premium code, you will have to activate it;
  • This can be done via chat in the “Communication” section;
  • To activate, enter a code that looks something like this – “/premium kO6nJU9MNuacqimhqL”;
    Activation of premium code on the Null's Royale server
  • After sending a message with the code, the server will reboot and all privileges will be applied;

Use the commands to make sure that you have additional privileges. Commands will be available to you to open new cards not available in the original game. You can find all available commands by typing the following message in the chat: “/help”.

Command /help

After successfully completing the form and receiving the code, you can activate a premium account. Most importantly, remember that the code is activated only once. To keep a premium account, it must be linked to a social network. Find the details of how to do this here.

What else should you know about the premium account?