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Null's Royale 3.2728 with Champions

Null’s Royale 3.2728 with Champions

Null’s Royale private server update to version 3.2728 with Champions and level 14.

The long-awaited changes in royale, which will raise the online of our server. After all, for several years the game has not been updated, and we did nothing but add new turret skins and emoji. Now everything has changed, there is a new rarity maps and level 14. This means that the game will evolve, and we will be interested in adapting our servers. Which we will do, the update is ready, adapted and improved many points. A little later, the server will move to a more powerful machine devices, which will allow to accommodate a lot more players and the battles will be much more stable.

Null’s Royale 3.2728

Champions at Nulls Royale

Level 14 and the champions are already on our server, and in order to get it all in seconds, it was decided to remove the commands. Instead of them now added items that are available in the store, an analogy with Null’s Brawl.

2 commands have been removed and implemented in the form of magic items:

Upgrade all cards – upgrade all cards;
Unlock arena cards – unlock all arena cards;
Unlock all cards-unlock all cards;

Also, this is not all the changes that have been added, as there are new tower skins and emoji. The whole collection has been collected and added, now 36 variations of different tower skins and 213 emoji are available for you.

Now there is everything for you to plunge into the world of royal without limits. So pump up your account to the max, get new cards, assemble a deck and storm online battles to rank high among everyone. But if that’s not your way and you want to unlock all the fighters manually, a big bag of cards for 150,000 cards has been added for you.

Of the interesting things added icons in the profile, which will show how many years you play on the server and others. Improved support for android 11 and fixed binding your account to Vkontakte.

List of changes:

  • Upgraded the client to version 3.2728.
  • Added level 14 profile and cards.
  • Added champions: Archer Queen, Skeleton King and Golden Knight.
  • 3 new turret skins and 5 new emote.
  • Increased stability of battles, should not disconnect any more.
  • Instead of commands for improvement, added items to the store (/unlock and /full).
  • Added big bag of 150,000 cards.
  • Re-enter combat after restarting the game.
  • Added badges to the profile in the form of achievements playing on the server such as 1, 2 years, or for winning 1000 battles and league achievements.
  • Fixed linking of the account to Vkontakte.
  • Implemented support for Android 11.
  • A lot of bugs fixed.


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