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Update to Null’s Royale Version 5.142.17 with New Tower Defense

In the latest version of Null’s Royale, we’ve finally introduced the Cannoneer, a new warrior type for the tower. Changing tower defenses greatly assists in defense and alters the gameplay strategies of some decks.

This time, the update took a bit longer, but it was worth the wait. A plethora of decorations, tower skins, and much more have been added recently. All these minor external improvements have been incorporated, and you can access them with just a few clicks. To unlock the premium decorations, take advantage of the offers available in the store. Essentially, all the features you can unlock are available in the store as special offers.

Null’s Royale v.5.142.17


Since the last update, there have been numerous new additions, including festive banners and emojis. You can check them out and create your unique profile. Also, don’t forget about the evolution of cards, with all possible variations now added, such as trying out the evolution of the Ice Spirit and Bomber.

Change log:

    • New mechanics for tower defense.
    • Added Cannoneer.
    • New card evolutions, for example, Bomber.
    • New decorations and banners added.
    • New emojis and tower skins added.
    • Minor improvements.

Our server can be installed on iOS and Android devices. All instructions and installation files can be found via the link above.

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