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Download Null's Royale v.3.5 with magic items and Mother Witch

Download Null’s Royale v.3.5 with magic items and Mother Witch

The long-awaited update of the Null’s Royale private server to the current version of the client 3.5 with magic items and a new Mother Witch card.

One of the important updates on the server Null’s Royale, where it was decided to remove custom cards from the total mass. They were not deleted from the game, they can also be played, only in a special challenge. Also, progress in the game was close to the real game, now only those that you won will be available at the chests bar. And the chests of 15 000 cards were removed and the bag of awards to the shop was added.

Null’s Royale 3.5

Nulls Royale 3.5

First of all, pay attention to the updated content, add all new emote, cards and skins for towers. A section of magic items is also implemented, in the future we implement the team with the addition of books and other magical items.

New cards on the Null's Royale

In the new version of Null’s Royale added content from 16 to 22 season, which includes new cards. Also, all the cards have been applied changes in characteristics with the latest balance changes on the official server.

Replay battles on the Nulls Royale

One of the important innovations of replay battles, now you can reconsider your epic battles. Storage of replay of battles will be 1 week.

Custom cards

After ambiguous votes for custom cards, to leave them in the game, the NULL’S Team team decided to remove them from the general list. Now they are available in a special challenge “Null’s Legacy”. Try to collect a deck of custom cards and win online battles.

Season bag in the Null's Royale

Regarding remote chests with 15 000 cards, ordinary chests and a powerful bag came to replace them. In this bag, you can get 1 000 000 gold, 150 000 cards including Wilds cards. Also, to open new cards, you will need to open boxes, at the moment the command functionality only works “/full”.


  • Custom cards are now available only in Null’s Legacy challenge;
  • Added new card – Mother Witch;
  • Added emotes and skins to season 22;
  • Implemented functionality replay battles;
  • Implemented magic items;
  • Changes in the Party button – added changeable modes once a day;
  • Removed chest of 15 000 cards and added ordinary + bag to the shop (no less awards);
  • Account now starts with 0 trophies;
  • Added support for Android 11 and added content in the form of emote, skins to the game client, now you will not see “Downloading Content…”;
  • Many improvements and eliminations of small bugs;


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