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Nulls Royale 3.3314.5 update with Card Evolution

An update for Null’s Royale has been released, featuring a new card evolution system based on version 3.3314.5.

It took us just over two months to develop this version update. As a result, we are excited to present you with the new version that introduces a fresh addition: the new Wild Shard. This innovative method of card enhancement has been integrated into the server, and you will be able to obtain wild through the in-game store.

Null’s Royale 3.3314.5


Additionally, in this update, we are introducing a new level 15 for cards. Don’t forget to enhance all your cards using the crates available in the store. During the course of this update, several balance adjustments have been made in the game, which have also been applied to the cards, enhancing many aspects of gameplay.

To evolve your cards, simply head to the store and take advantage of the special offer: for 50,000 gems, you can acquire 6 Wild Shard. Afterward, you can upgrade your desired cards and test their new abilities on the arena. And by the way, you can acquire these wild beyond the usual limit.

As an extra addition in this update, a multitude of new emojis has been included, adding a considerable amount of variety to your in-game communication. Furthermore, tower skins and banners with unique symbols have been introduced. Keep in mind that certain premium banners need to be unlocked through the store using a special promotion.

Last but not least, a highly anticipated feature has finally been introduced: the Friends system. Now you can keep track of your friends’ progress and much more. Don’t miss out—hurry and give it a try!


  • Added new level 15 cards.
  • Added card evolution.
  • Added new wild shard for card evolution.
  • Implemented the friends system.
  • Added latest emoji, banners and tower skins.
  • The latest balance changes have been applied.
  • Also made minor improvements and fixes.

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