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Download the Null’s Royale 2.5 update

We are glad to announce that we have updated our private server Null’s Royale 2.5.4. We have implemented a star level, added a new card and new emoji.

This time we had to spend a little more time than usual. We successfully rewrote most of the code. We improved clan wars, after which the war will not start until it finds all the participants (clans). Also, our main problem was server optimization. We were ready to release the server without the support of devices based on the x86 architecture. But at the last moment we managed to find a loophole and the next update will work on all devices.

Star level

Most importantly, we managed to deal with the new version of client 2.5 and not only, we decided to go further and update immediately to 2.5.4, including a new emoji and a new card of a horsewoman on a sheep. There is a lot of emojis, hard to believe, but there are already more than 77. Perhaps this figure will soon surpass the collection of cards.

New emoji

Null’s Royale 2.5.4 official change list:

  • Updating the client to the newest version 2.5.4;
  • Added new cards;
  • Added new emojis;
  • Fixed minor bugs;
  • The trainer’s level in the training arena will depend on your level (i.e. will become stronger or weaker);
  • The Wi-Fi icon should appear less frequently, since we improved the code related to the network;
  • The fights were also improved and we have rewritten part of their code;
  • We updated much of code with modes, in the future, we will be able to implement new modes (for example, 3 x 3);
  • We have rewritten the properties of the command “/full”, as a result, it improves your cards and accrues 1 million star credits;
  • Cards we made currently do not support the star level (we will add in the future);
  • We have rewritten the code associated with the cards; for this reason, all player decks are set to standard;

Download the new Null’s Royale 2.5.4 server:

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