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5 new cards will appear on Null’s Royale server

5 new cards will appear on Null’s Royale server

We are happy to inform you we’ll add new cards in the next Null’s Royale update! 

Our developers have fully learnt Clash Royale 2.2.1 new version files and we can say with confidence the update will appear soon. Unfortunately, a lot of things have been changed and our old server will be completely redeveloped. 

We will surely do it in the near future. We managed to add the entire new clan interface, especially clan games. Everyone knows the new cards have been added.

2 new cards: HEROES

This time, the heroes will be added, they are exactly the same as in CoC.

Heroes: Queen Archers & Golden Knight

Hero Golden Knight - Nulls Royale Select Hero Bonus - Null's Royale

The abilities will be added to the hero’s information window, as you can see. The maximum hero level will be 10.

3 new cards

3 new cards - Null's Royale

We managed to find new cards on the Clash Royale servers, we’ll also add them to the new Null’s Royale version.

New card: Lava-Golem

Lava-Golem - Null's Royale

The new card combines 2 tank units. We’ve already published the animation in Instagram, you can see there the way the new card attacks.

New card: Double Trouble Gum (Rascals)/ Bandits

Double Trouble Gum (Rascals) - Null's Royale

A great card which consists of three units. We will publish the new units animation later on OpegitStudio website. 

The third card we could not find in the source, perhaps this card is a stub. That’s why it is hard to believe the game will have a card which will consist of x3 Bandits. Wait for a new version of Null’s Royale in the near future, you’ll have an opportunity to download it on this website.

Download server Null’s Royale:

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