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Null’s Royale on iOS (ipa)

Null’s Royale can be installed on your iOS device, be it an iPhone or iPad. The iOS version is exactly the same as the android version and the server is the same for all.

If you want to play with a friend who is playing Null’s Royale on Android, you can compete with him on your iOS device. Not so long ago we released a version of the game for iPhone and iPad, and it took us a little while to do that. Our server is fully adapted for both operating systems and updates are released on the same day.

Null’s Royale on iOS

  • Creator: Null’s Team
  • Last update: 15.02.2023
  • Client version: 3.3074.6
  • Server version: 2.11.0
  • Battle Servers: 34
  • Average number of battles online: 1100+
Nulls Royale 3.3074

What’s available on the server?

  • Constant updates to the latest version with the balance of cards.
  • Added all tower skins and emoji
  • New game modes are added to the Disco section.
  • Added chests in the store to quickly improve your account.
  • In the store added chests to quickly improve the account.
    Improvement and Unlock Chests

    • Upgrade all cards
    • Unlock arena cards
    • Unlock All cards
  • Also in the store you will find a chest of 150,000 cards.
  • Quick commands in chat.


Commands on Nulls Royale

  • /help – request all available commands on the server.
  • / clean – reset your account to zero.
  • /skin NAME – choose a skin from modes like crystal fever (gem, pump, gold).
    • Example: /skin gem
  • /nickname – The nickname will be colored in a random color. Only available to those who have received premium before February 9, 2020.
  • /status – find out the state of the server, the number of players and other parameters.


  • How do I install Nulls Royale on my iPhone?

Null’s Connect – analog of SC ID for saving an account

Null's Connect on Null's Royale

      1. On the home page at the top right, click on the button with three bars.
      2. Then click on the button “Null’s Connect”.
      3. Enter your existing email, which will receive a confirmation code.
      4. We get the code in the mail and enter it and click on the “PROCEED” button.
      5. Next, click on “ATTACH CURRENT ACCOUNT”.
      6. Choose your account.

Remember the email you enter, as in this account you can authorize only by the code that will come to this email.

Last changes:

  • New content for season 44
  • New emote added
  • New banners added
  • Added new tower skins
  • Added latest balance changes
  • Added new ranking mode - Path of Legends!
  • If you had more than 7,500 cubes before the update, get bonus points on the path of legends
  • Null's Legacy cards removed, they are hard to maintain.
Install directly from our website
Install #1 Install #2
  1. On this page from your iOS device, click on “Install” (select one of the links provided, if one doesn’t work, try another).
  2. Then wait for the installation to complete, the speed depends on the server load and your internet connection speed. Next, you will try to launch the game and you will be notified that you need to confirm the launch of the game. This is very easy to do in the settings. Click on “Cancel” and go to the device settings.
  3. In the Settings, go to -> General -> VPN and device management -> Choose where it says “Not Trusted” -> Click on the “Trust” button.

After that, you can launch Null’s Royale and enjoy the game.

Download Null’s Royale 3.3074.6 by direct link.